Doping fused silica

Heraeus has a long tradition in processing and doping of granulated quartz materials.

Doping fused silica
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We have transferred this know-how to a synthetic material which fulfils the demanding requirements for optical fibers and fiber laser applications.

This new technology enables the production of large size active core materials with rare earth doping of highest purity.

Advantages of the new material:

  • High doping levels (Yb2O3 up to 0.25 mol% and above)
  • Large batch size compared to standard laser fiber production techniques (up to 15 mm diameter and up to 150 mm in length)
  • High purity, controlled in every process step
  • Low defect and bubble density
  • Good material homogeneity, well suited for laser fiber production
  • Low attenuation - below 0.1 dB/m at 1200 nm
  • Low discoloration caused by unwanted Yb2+ instead of Yb3+

We are continuously improving this technology to enhance the material's purity, photo degradation, and doping elements.

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