Heraeus Black Quartz HBQ® - Wafer

HBQ Wafer

Heraeus Black Quartz is suitable for different applications. One example are wafers.

HBQ® is the ideal material for filler and dummy wafers in batch furnace deposition processes. The matched CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) of the HBQ® wafer to SiO2 makes HBQ® suited e.g. for TEOS or other SiO2 deposition processes.

With HBQ® our customers can take advantage of different benefits:

  • Improved layer adhesion
  • Reduced wafer cleaning:
    Due to the optimized CTE HBQ® dummy wafer needs only to be cleaned and reclaimed a fraction of time compared to Silicon or SiC. This results in improved cleaning cycles that gives our customers a valuable benefit with respect to Cost of Ownership.
  • Improved troughput:
    Due to extended cleaning cycles HBQ® wafers remain loaded in the boat without loading and unloading every process and thus improve our customers troughput.
  • Improved Cost of Ownership:
    With a reduced number of cleaning cycles and improved wafer loading times HBQ® dummy wafers offer a unique way to optimize total Cost of Ownership.

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