Heraeus Opaque Quartz OM®

Retain the heat of your world

The unique thermal management solution

Heraeus Opaque Quartz OM® is a high purity opaque quartz glass. The proprietary technology results in a unique microporosity that provides superior thermal characteristics when compared to other opaque materials. Convince yourself and retain the heat of your world with Heraeus Opaque Quartz OM®.

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Available Product Solutions

The manufacturing method of OM® allows it to be manufactured close to the dimensions of the finished component. This reduces excess material and lowers machining steps. This improved efficiency in manufacturing contributes to a lower cost for the finished part.

For available dimensions and possible maximal dimensions please contact us.

Benefits of OM®

Heat blocking properties

The uniquely high hemispheric reflection of OM®100 enables this to be the ideal heat blocking material. In such applications as adiabatic plates OM®100 will improve your total cost of ownership. By reducing heat loss you can benefit from improved process control, reduced energy needs and improved lifetime of your heating components. The heat blocking properties of OM®100 out-perform any comparable material available on the market today.

Near net shape

The patented manufacturing method of OM®100 allows it to be manufactured close to the dimensions of the finished component. This reduces excess material and lowers machining steps. This improved efficiency in manufacturing contributes to a lower cost for the finished part.

Superior surface finish

White opaque quartz is often used as flanges or chamber seals to thermally protect the O-ring material. To ensure an optimal seal at the O-ring, the smoothest surface possible is critical. The unique physical properties of OM®100 allow for a greatly improved surface finish after manufacturing and multiple refurbishment cycles, giving you the best seal possible every time and an extended lifetime of use for when compared to parts made from other opaque quartz materials.


One of the key features of our OM®100 material is it comparable processing properties to clear fused quartz (e.g. HSQ®300) for both hot and cold processes. OM®100 is 100% compatible to the hot working and cold machining of clear fused quartz and as required can be welded, fire polished or thermally reformed. In addition if using OM®100 for demanding applications it can be CNC ground and optically polished to the highest precision.


OM®100 offers you a total level of impurities of <50ppm and is both suitable and qualified for even the most challenging semiconductor processes of today. A synthetic version of Heraeus OM® is now developed to support the next generation of semiconductor processes where impurities are one of the biggest challenges. Utilizing a synthetic opaque material from Heraeus will offer you a total level of impurities of <1ppm to support your advanced processes, with all the other advantages of OM®100.


Fabricated components

Plates for Batch Furnace Applications

Heraeus OM100 is suitable for a variety of applications in semiconductor manufacturing such as batch furnace applications.

Plates made from Heraeus OM100 are the optimal choice to be integrated in pedestals for furnace applications or as adiabatic plates. The high reflectivity in combination with the low direct transmission makes OM100 the ideal material to contain heat inside the furnace and minimize energy loss due to heat dissipation.

This both enables higher thermal uniformity in the process chamber resulting in higher process yields while simultaneously lowering energy consumption, directly resulting in an improved cost of ownership.


Flanges for Batch Furnace Applications

Creating a vacuum tight seal on your process chamber is a vital process parameter. Heraeus OM100 is by far the best choice due to its unique properties that allow for an optimized surface finish.

Semiconductor batch furnaces require excellent sealing to prevent egress of process gases into the atmosphere and ingress of atmosphere into the process chamber. A tight sealing surface is therefore critical for both safety and for optimizing the process performance.

With OM100 you can achieve a perfectly sealing surface over the full lifetime of the process chamber including multiple cleaning cycles. Heraeus OM100 is capable of yielding the best surface condition in available heat isolation materials. Unlike other materials typically used in thermal isolation applications the surface of OM100 remains pristine after multiple etch cycles. This allows continued use over longer periods when compared to alternative competitor solutions which have shortened usable lifetime due to surface erosion and the increasing risk of leaking vacuum seals.

Technical Data

OM® 100
General properties Density: 2.15 - 2.18 g/cm3
Porosity: <2.3%
Pore size: <20µm
Electrical properties Resistivity (20°C): >1018 Ω∙m
Resistivity (1200°C): >1.3 x 105Ω∙m
Type: Insulator
Dielectric constant (εr) @ 13,56 MHz: 3.70
Mechanical properties Tensile strength: 50 MPa
Flexural strength: 84 MPa
Compressive strength: >1000 MPa
Young modulus: 54 GPa
Thermal properties Thermal expansion: 0.47 x 10-6 K-1
Thermal conductivity (20°C): 1.24 W∙m-1∙K-1
Specific heat: 0.70 J∙g-1∙K-1
Max. working temperature: 1100 °C (long), 1300 °C (short)
Reflectivity: ~80%

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