Fused Silica Products and Solutions

With over 100 years of expertise in innovating quartz and fused silica solutions, Heraeus Conamic provides breakthrough solutions for the world’s most challenging applications in the semiconductor and photonics industry. Benefit from the broad Heraeus Conamic portfolio of fused quartz and fused silica products and solutions.

Products & Solutions

Fused Silica Products by Geometry


The Heraeus Conamic fused silica portfolio covers a wide range of shapes and dimensions. Learn more about our product portfolio in the following geometries and shapes:


Fused Silica Products for Key Markets


As a technology leader and a leading-edge material specialist for the manufacturing and processing of high purity fused quartz and silica, Heraeus Conamic helps you to solve the complex challenges of your application. Learn more about our product portfolio for the following key markets:

 Products for Optical Applications
 Products for Semiconductor Applications
 Products for Technical Lamps

Fused Silica Brands & Material Grades


Making use of all established raw materials and processes in the production of quartz and fused silica, Heraeus enables customers to use specific materials tailored to their particular needs.

Combining advanced knowledge in raw materials and production technology allows Heraeus to provide almost unlimited possibilities in the development of new material grades and qualities with specific properties to match the customers' application.

 Heraeus Conamic Brands & Material Grades

Tools and Services

The semiconductor and photonics market is developing rapidly. For this reason, it is important to have an efficient and reliable partner at your side to help you find the best solution for your application.