Fused Silica Products for Optical Applications

Fused silica is a key material in a multitude of optical applications. Learn more about how to find the best fused silica for your optical application.

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Choosing the Right Fused Silica for Optical Applications

Some may think fused silica is a simple material and there is little difference in which grade should be used, but when performance matters there are differences. We see ourselves as experts and hope to help you find the optimal solution for your product. Many factors can be considered before you choose the most suitable grade:

  • Optical homogeneity
  • Transmission and absorption
  • Bubble or inclusion content
  • Refractive index and dispersion
  • Residual strain
  • Fluorescence
  • Resistance to light induced defects or irradiation
  • Cost

Material Selection Guide

As a first guide to choosing the right fused silica grade from Heraeus, please use the following table. It gives you advice on which material grades are suitable for which field of application and for which application wavelength. More information about the fields of application and the application wavelength can be found below.

Fields of Applications

Because optical applications are very diverse, we have clustered the applications into three rather broad fields in order to allow an easier selection.

Sensing & Imaging

Sensing & Imaging

Lower power levels across a wider wavelength range

Power Transmission

Power Transmission

Higher to very high-power levels, absorption plays a critical role

Radiation Environment

Radiation Environment

Working under radiation (electrons, neutrons, high power, short wavelength irradiation (e.g.: Space))

Application Wavelength

To choose the right material grade for your application, it is important to know in which wavelength region your application operates.

Tools and Services

In the selection process for the most suitable fused silica grade the transmission performance is among the first criteria. Please check our transmission calculator. As an additional service, we offer the possibility to search our portfolio for existing part numbers.

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