Fused Quartz and Silica Plates for Semiconductor Applications

Quartz plate

Fused quartz and silica plates are needed in the semiconductor industry for the manufacturing of batch processing equipment as well as single wafer processing equipment. Heraeus Conamic manufactures fused quartz and silica plates in a variety of material grades and dimensions. The provided plates are characterized by high purity and material homogeneity while maintaining low bubble contents.

In the following you will find an overview of the different fusion technologies that Heraeus Conamic can utilize, each highlighted by the leading material advantage in this segment.

Natural Fused Quartz

  • Electrically Fused Quartz Plates
    Electrically fused quartz plates are cut from HSQ® electrically fused quartz ingots that have been manufactured in multiple hot forming steps. After the cutting by means of band and wire saw, the resulting fused quartz plates feature enhanced homogeneity and low OH-content for high thermal stability in the final application.
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  • Flame Fused Quartz Plates
    Heraeus Conamic uses continuous fusion technology to produce TSC® flame fused quartz ingots from which the plates are cut by means of band and wire saw. This unique process allows customers to utilize material that features very low levels of bubbles and inclusions while maintaining high purity.
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Synthetic Fused Silica

Synthetic Fused Silica Plates

For addressing the most demanding needs of the semiconductor industry, Heraeus Conamic produces synthetic fused silica plates from HSQ®900 and Spectrosil ingots. All Heraeus synthetic materials are characterized by parts per billion class purity and zero bubble content.

Opaque Quartz

  • White Opaque Quartz Plates
    Heraeus Opaque Material OM®100 is a white opaque high purity quartz glass. The underlying manufacturing technology results in an unique microporosity that provides high heat reflection when compared to other opaque materials.
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  • Black Opaque Quartz Plates
    Heraeus Black Quartz HBQ®100 is a black opaque high purity quartz glass composite. Additionally, to our white opaque material (OM®100) and clear fused quartz and silica solutions (HSQ®), HBQ®100 offers unique benefits for individual challenges like heat absorption in the final application.
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In the semiconductor industry fused quartz and silica plates are needed for the fabrication of boats, pedestals, wafer and wafer carriers in the field of batch processing equipment. For single wafer processing equipment plates are used to make windows, gas distribution plates, shower plates, wafer carriers and susceptors.

Heraeus Conamic portfolio covers multiple grades to address all OEM requirements including challenging ultra-high purity specifications.