Advanced ceramic coating solutions

The demand for state-of-the-art components for use in semiconductor epitaxy processes as well as in MOCVD (Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition) processes has risen in the past years.

Heraeus offers custom tailored advanced ceramic coatings solutions that deliver superior performance under the most demanding environments. With our solutions our customers benefit from excellent thermal characteristics offering a long wear and reduced costs.

Apart from semiconductor and LED applications further applications for advanced ceramic coating solutions are used in the power electronics and advanced sciences industry.

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Semiconductor Applications

Epitaxy is one of the key processes in modern semiconductor processing. With CVD SiC coated graphite solutions our customers benefit from a wide range of advantages:

  • high performance due to long life and state of the art manufacturing processes
  • outstanding uniformity due to proprietary CVD systems and automated process controls
  • stable substrate that is able to withstand extremely volatile environments
  • stoichiometrically balanced coatings offer unparalleled performance and strength
  • highly resistant to most process chemicals including etchants and acids
LED Applications

Apart from susceptors in epitaxy applications, SiC coated graphite for use in wafer carriers are the main consumable in MOCVD reactors for LED production. With our SiC coated graphite solutions our customers benefit from several unique advantages in LED production:

  • stable substrate that is able to withstand extremely volatile environments
  • specialized machining and manufacturing techniques offer highly accurate, reliable susceptors
  • industry leading uniformity of our SiC coating offers dramatic improvements in temperature control, wafer to wafer
  • engineering support from well-respected industry professionals
  • recognized leaders in GaN on Si, GaN on Al2O3 and GaN on SiC process development
SiC Morphology
SiC Morphology

Our state of the art SiC technology and our unique manufacturing process allows us to provide smart answers to individual problems. Please find below some features of our outstanding technology.

  • Proprietary precursors offers longevity and stochiometric balance
  • Solutions for unprecedented growth rates (~ 1 mil per hour)
  • Automation provides exceptional uniformity
  • Copy Exact compliant
  • Pinhole free, 2 step coating for long life
  • Processed in Class 10k Cleanroom
  • Purity to < 3PPM