Heraeus Neonyx® - The New Synthetic Quartz Standard

Redefining Quartz Materials: A New Material Platform

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Benefits of Neonyx®

Neonyx® Synthetic Fused Silica Portfolio

Neonyx HSQ-T

Neonyx HSQ-T

Developed for your batch furnace applications, Neonxy HSQ-T offers you all the benefits of Heraeus HSQ combined with the advanced properties of synthetic quartz material, while keeping the available product portfolio unchanged. Neonyx HSQ-T is available as large diameter tube, small diameter tube, rod, ingot, plates, etc. to enable you to create a full batch furnace set from the same material grade: Neonyx HSQ-T!

Brochure: Neonyx® HSQ-T

Neonyx TSC-T

The material grade for next generation single wafer applications: Neonyx TSC-T. The superior properties of the established high performance materials TSC-3/4 and exceeded by Neonyx TSC-T, offering uniquely low levels of bubbles and materials inclusions to address the challenges of your high-end single wafer applications.

Brochure: Neonyx® TSC-T

Neonyx OM

Neonyx OM

First synthetic grade white opaque material, offering the ability to full thermal management also at the increasing demands to material purity and material consistency.

Brochure: Neonyx® OM

Fields of Applications

Deposition and etching processes are one of the most critical processes in the semiconductor manufacturing chain. The on-going integration into the third dimension is presenting new and increasingly challenging requirements. Neonyx is the right material for these challenges. Read more about more about the specific processes below.

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