Laser Fiber Products

Fiber Laser Systems

Laser fibers and fiber optic laser systems are a growing market for material processing or medical laser. Many of these active fibers consist of an active core and a pump cladding. Depending on the power level and application this pump cladding consists of undoped fused silica and a fluorine containing polymer or a combination of undoped and highly fluorine doped silica to guide the pump light in high power lasers.

Heraeus is offering products for both applications:

  • High purity fused silica tubes to be used as pump cladding for active fibers with a fluorinated polymer cladding
  • Tubes with a fluorine doped fused silica layer on the outside to jacket your active core.

The pump efficiency can be increase by a non-round shape of the pump cladding. Heraeus can also offer tubes with machined outer surface or a shaped interface between pump cladding and fluorine doped layer.

Data sheet: Highly fluorine doped tubes
Data Sheet: High Purity Fused Silica Tubes for Specialty Fiber Production

Fibers with a fused silica core and a fluorinated polymer coating are used to connect pump diodes with active fibers or guide the laser beam from the laser source to the point of use. We, as a specialist for high purity synthetic fused silica, offering rods which can be used as core material for these plastic clad silica fibers.

Data sheet: High purity fused silica rods