Preforms for specialty fibers

Specialty Fiber Preform

There are a wide variety of applications for specialty optical fibers. For each of these applications a tailored fiber design is required for geometry, refractive index steps and transmission window. Heraeus is able to offer different solutions depending on your requirements.

We can offer different core materials depending on the wavelength you want to use and can apply from single to multiple layers with different refractive index steps. Finally we can adjust the shape of core and cladding to the requirements. Some examples for applications you can find below, you can download our product information or just call us.

Attenuation of Specialty Fiber Preforms for Medical Applicatons

For medical treatments the most common wavelengths are given below with suitable preform types. For tight bend radii also high NA versions are available.

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Therapy Laser Laser color Wavelength Preform type
Laser Coagulation KrF Dark Purple Laser 248 nm
Treatment of UV light sensitive skin diseases XeCl Purple Laser 308 nm
Dentistry Ar+ Turquoise Laser 488 nm
Benigne Prostata Hyperplasie NdYAG2F Green Laser 532 nm SSU Type
Photo Dynamic Therapy HeNe Red Laser 633 nm
Ophthalmology NdYAG 1064 nm
Skin treatment ErYAG
Lithotripsy HoYAG 2100 nm SWU Type

Attenuation of Specialty Fiber Preforms for Spectroscopic Applicatons

Optical fibers for spectroscopic applications need to transmit the light from the source and signals back without introducing additional absorption lines.

High purity Fused silica has a broad spectral transmission window, which makes it the material of choice for spectroscopic applications from the deep UV up to the infrared.

For your reference see the following table, or please contact us.

Transmission range Wavelength associated Preform type
Broad spectral range 350 - 2200 nm STU-D
Deep UV / UV-Radiation hard 185 - 580 nm SBU
Infrared range 700 - 2200 nm SWU
Resistance against y-radiation 185 - 580 nm STU-D / SSU

Attenuation of Specialty Fiber Preforms for Laser Processing

Laser systems are used more and more commonly for material processing. Independent from the laser source in most cases an optical fiber is used to transmit the laser light from the system to the point of use. Depending on beam quality, spot size and additional required features of the final fiber we can realize your design. Even custom tailored in small quantities. If you need more information please contact us

Application Laser Type Wavelength
UV / cost sensitive applications SOU 190 - 580 nm
UV / high performance SSU 182 - 580 nm
UV radiation hard SBU 182 - 580 nm
IR SWU 500 – 2200 nm
UV - IR broad spectral range STU-D 300 – 2200 nm
Gamma-radiation hard STU-D / SSU

For transmitting light in the deep UV range fused silica is the material of choice as it has a high resistance to UV radiation. This can be for UV curing of adhesives or bundles for large homogenous spot sizes. If you need more detailed information please contact us.