Fused quartz rods for semiconductor applications

Fused quartz rod

Fused quartz rods are used to fabricate components in the semiconductor and solar industry to make boats, wafer carriers and pedestals for batch processing.

The critical aspects of these fused silica rods are low bubble content, high purity and tight geometric tolerances.

Quartz rods as components
Fused silica rods are avaialble to meet the tight dimensional and visual requirements in the fabrication of batch furnace comonents. Heraeus portfolio covers multiple grades to address all OEM requirements including challenging purity specifications.

Quartz rods for welding
Welding rods are available in multiple grades to match the material being welded. They are available in flame fused, electrically fused, synthetic and opaque grades.
Typical geometrical dimensions range from 1.5 - 5mm in diameter.