Fused Quartz Ingots for Semiconductor Applications

Fused quartz ingot

Heraeus manufactures fused quartz ingots in a variety of shapes and grades. These ingots are characterized by low bubble contents and high material homogeneity.

Heraeus uses different fusion technologies to produce solid and hollow ingot formats with sizes of up to 1300mm and beyond.

  • Near net shape - Flamed Fused Ingots (TSC®-3, TSC®-4)
    Heraeus utilizes continuous fusion technology to produce the TSC® flame fused ingots. This unique process allows customers to utilize material that feature very low levels of alkalines, bubbles and inclusions.
    In addition the option to obtain near net shapes and hollow ingots up to 1300mm will reduce costs in volume applications.

  • Superior visual quality - Electrically Fused Ingots (HSQ® 300, HSQ® 330)
    Electrically fused quartz ingots with a high viscosity are manufactured using multiple hot forming steps. This results in an extremely low bubble content material with enhanced homogeneity.
    HSQ® ingots are available as hollow cylinders up to 300mm OD, large round ingots up to 700mm and beyond. HSQ® ingots are also available in a rectangular format.
    Data Sheet: HSQ® 300/330 MF Solids

  • Synthetic Fused Silica Ingots (Spectrosil)
    Heraeus produces synthetic ingots to address the most demanding needs of the semiconductor industry. All Heraeus synthetic materials are characterized by Parts per billion class purity and Zero bubble content.
    Spectrosil is ideally suited for windows in Deep UV applications.
    Data Sheet: Spectrosil1000 - Synthetic Fused Silica Ingots

  • Opaque Materials (OM® 100)
    OM 100 is a high purity opaque quartz glass. The proprietary technology results in a unique microporosity that provides superior thermal characteristics when compared to other opaque materials.
    Because of its unique structure OM 100 provides high mechanical strength, excellent sealing properties, good wet etch resistance.
    OM 100 is available as rings and solids in near net shape which results in optimum material utilization.
    Data Sheet: OM® 100

  • Heraeus Black Quartz (HBQ®)
    Heraeus Black Quartz HBQ® is a black opaque high purity quartz glass composite. Additionally to typical properties of our well-known white opaque (OM®) and clear fused (HSQ®) quartz solutions, HBQ® offers unique benefits for our customers providing them with smart answers to individual challenges. Convince yourself and step into a new world of possibilities with Heraeus Black Quartz.
    Brochure: Heraeus Black Quartz (HBQ®) - a revolutionary hybrid material

    Find more information about HBQ® here .