Fused quartz and silica tubes for semiconductor applications

Fused quartz tubes

Fused quartz tubes are used in batch furnace processing to serve as chemically pure reaction chambers, as gas or liquid inlets or as transportation pipes.

The critical aspects of these fused silica tubes are low bubble content, high chemical purity and precise dimensional tolerances to meet the demanding needs of the semiconductor industry.

Tubing is available as raw material and fabricated solutions .

Natural fused quartz tubes

Heraeus offers electrically fused quartz tubes in various grades to meet the different chemical purity requirements of the semiconductor industry. The electric fusion process yields quartz with the highest viscosity for most demanding high temperature batch and single wafer furnace applications.
Available diameters range from 2mm < DIA < 600mm.
Mother tubing for resizing is available.

Synthetic fused silica tubes

As the semiconductor industry moves towards smaller node sizes, the need for cleaner process environments can be met by using synthetic fused silica. Synthetic fusion yields the lowest impurity levels in the ppb range.
Available diameters range from 2mm < DIA < 600mm.

High temperature stabilized tubes

Demanding horizontal furnace applications such as high temperature (>1150°C) diffusion, oxidation and annealing processes require a special temperature stabilized material. Heraeus offers HSQ® 400 as a solution to these challenging environments.

Data Sheet: HSQ® 400 - High temperature stabilized tubes

Data Sheet: HSQ® 400 - Handling Procedure