Energy Storage for the Future

The energy transition is of prime importance in fighting global climate change, and it is making good progress. More and more energy is being produced as electric power from renewable sources. However, this energy is not easy to store, and therein lies the problem.

Energy storage for the future

Take Germany, for example. The German Federal Government has set a goal of increasing clean power production to 80% by 2050. In 2015, every third kilowatt hour (32.5%) came from renewable energy. Through rapid expansion, the overall production of electric power in Germany reached a new record at 647 terawatt hours in 2015. The surplus was approximately 154 billion kilowatt hours (kWh). Renewable energy covers almost a quarter (22.8%) of the global demand for electricity.

In light of these figures, the problem is not energy production, but rather the fact that energy cannot be stored efficiently and is only available while being produced. Transporting energy also presents a hurdle. The goal is to optimally provide energy at the right time and in the right place, and for that, there is no alternative to efficient storage.

Green energy with hydrogen

Currently, one of the most promising options for storing surplus electricity is hydrogen. Hydrogen represents an ideal medium for storing energy and can be converted directly to energy in fuel cells.

This presents manufacturers of systems for hydrogen production with great opportunities. There are a number of methods using different electrodes and electrolytes. The polymer-electrolyte method uses platinum-iridium catalysts, among others , and is particularly efficient and environmentally friendly.

The most efficient method

In contrast to conventional alkaline methods, the polymer-electrolyte method does not employ Raney nickel or corrosive electrolytes, and its short connection times offer major advantages.

The systems must operate cyclically and continuously, which requires electrodes with above-average lifetimes. For this, you will need a long-term, reliable partner with expertise in precious metals and electrode coating.