Lighting Technology (OLED)

Lighting Technology (OLED)

Also in the 21st century precious metal compounds are indispensable. Besides classical applications like catalysis and electroplating, the reduction in use of raw materials and energy is the clear focus in technological progress worldwide. This includes innovative technologies for illumination, for miniaturization in the field of electronics, and for the industrial usage of renewable energies.

The latest developments for the manufacture of emitters for screens are based on organic or organometallic materials – so called “OLEDs“ (Organic-Light-Emitting Diodes). Especially highly sophisticated precious metal complexes of iridium play an important role. For example OLEDs are found in cellphones or flat screens.

Heraeus is your partner for the respective platinum group metals compounds for the manufacture of such emitters.

Compound CAS Number Formula Metal Contain. approx. Color
Di-μ-chloro-bis[(cycloocta-1.5-diene)iridium(I)] 12112-67-3 [{Ir(cod)}2(μ-Cl)2] 57 % orange-red
Iridium acetate * 37598-27-9 “Ir(OAc)x” 48 % green
Iridium(III) chloride hydrate 14996-61-3 IrCl3 · n H2O 54 % black
Tris(acetylacetonato)iridium(III), “Iridium Acetylacetonate” * 15635-87-7 [Ir(acac)3] 37 % yellowish green
Iridium(III) chloride hydrate, Type G 14996-61-3 IrCl3 · n H2O 54 % green

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