Platinum (Pt)

Platinum is used in the following sectors of homogeneous catalysis:

Hydrosilations represent reactions to build up higher-molecular organosilicon compounds (silanes, siloxanes), and thus they are the basis of manufacturing silicones. Today silicone products are found all over the dental, automotive, building, polymer, or paper industries.

Platinum is the most effective metal for this homogeneously catalytic reaction. According to the purpose, it is mainly applied as "Speier's Catalyst", i.e. dihydrogen hexachloroplatinate(IV) hydrate ("CPA"), or in the form of "Karstedt's Catalyst".

Heraeus represents one of the most important partners to silicone industry for this type of homogeneous catalysis. Among the standard catalysts and precursors, we offer customized manufacturing of catalyst solutions ("Karstedt" types) on the basis of secrecy agreements.

Moreover, Heraeus manufactures new catalysts on a commercial scale and in strict confidence according to customers’ specifications.

Compound CAS Number Formula Metal cont. approx. Color Samples
Bis(acetylacetonato)platinum(II) * 15170-57-7 [Pt(acac)2] 50 % yellow
cis-Diamminedichloroplatinum(II) * 15663-27-1 cis-[PtCl2(NH3)2] 10 % yellow
Di-μ-chloro-bis[chloro(cyclohexene)platinum(II)] 12176-53-3 [{PtCl(C6H10)}2(μ-Cl)2] 55 % beige
Dichloro(cycloocta-1.5-diene)platinum(II) 12080-32-9 [PtCl2(cod)] 52 % beige
Dihydrogen hexachloroplatinate(IV) hydrate “Chloroplatinic Acid“, “CPA” 26023-84-7 H2[PtCl6] · n H2O 40 % orange Buy online
Dihydrogen hexachloroplatinate(IV) solution in iso-propanol “Speier´s Catalyst” 16941-12-1 H2[PtCl6] / i-PrOH up to 15 % orange Buy online
Platinum(0) divinyltetramethylsiloxane complex “Karstedt Concentrate” 68478-92-2 [Pt2(C8H18OSi2)3] 19 % yellow Buy online
Dihydrogen hexachloroplatinate(IV) solution 16941-12-1 H2[PtCl6] up to 35 % orange Buy online
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