Chemical Products

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Our portfolio features over 60 inorganic precious metal salts & solutions and more than 30 metal-organic precious metal compounds. Our products are used as coatings, catalyst precursors or homogeneous catalysts.

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Precious Metal Compounds and Homogeneous Catalysts

More than 80 percent of all reactions in the chemical industry are realized with the help of catalysts. As a long-standing specialist in precious metal compounds and homogeneous catalysts for process chemistry, Heraeus offers a broad product portfolio and supports the customers with solutions along their entire value chain.

Our products are used in chemical processes all over the world! Besides an extensive number of inorganic compounds and their solutions, we also synthesize large-scale precious compounds and homogeneous catalysts. Our products constantly meet highest quality standards, ensure a continual production process for our customers and thereby boosting their competitiveness.

We collaborate closely with our customers to optimize or develop the ideal chemical product for their applications. As a reliable partner, we stand for long-term customer relationships and increase our customers’ process efficiency through our experience and technical expertise.

Our Product Selector

We have created an external database that lists all products of our portfolio. We call this database our product selector. The main advantage of this product selector is that users can filter and search our products by specific attributes and criteria, to narrow down the best product for a given application. Click the link below to search our complete portfolio.

Further Information about our Products

If you are looking for more detailed information of our homogenous catalysts, precious metal compounds or coating materials, check out our links below