Gold (Au)

Humans have been working with gold for around 10,000 years. Of all the precious metals, it is the softest, has the lowest tensile strength, and is tied with silver for the greatest ductility.

Heraeus offers gold compunds for catalysts coating. It mainly serves as a co-catalyst for some large-scale processes, e.g. to manufacture vinyl acetate monomer (“VAM”) with palladium.

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Compound CAS Number Formula Metal ­Cont. ­approx. Color Samples
Hydrogen tetrachloroaurate(III) solution “Chloroauric Acid” 16903-35-8 H[AuCl4] up to 40 % orange
Gold(III) chloride hydrate 27988-77-8 (H[AuCl4]· n H2O) 50% Buy online