PGM Solutions and Salts for Catalysts

Today chemical syntheses and processes are mostly based on at least one catalytic step, which makes these methods technically, ecologically, and commercially more efficient, or even possible.

Due to activities and selectivities, catalysts which are mainly based on the platinum group metals (PGM's) – platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium – but also on gold, silver, and rhenium play an important part in chemistry. Their solutions serve for the production of heterogeneous catalysts as so-called precursors.

Your Benefits

  • Increasing the customers’ process efficiency through experience and technical expertise
  • Highest and stable quality standards ensure a continual production process for the customers
  • Producing within the customers’ customs borders and providing technical support on site
  • Closed precious metals cycle: security of supply, precious metal refining, and an optimized capital commitment, as a service from a single source

Application Examples

  • For coating of catalyst carriers for the Chemical Industry
  • Process catalyst for hydrogenation
  • Rhenium compounds for oil reforming processes