Rhenium (Re)

The rare transition metal rhenium is found in the manganese family of the periodic system, falling between the refractory metals and metals of the platinum group). It displays typical characteristics of both classes of metals, including a very high melting point, high density and an extremely high elastic modulus (466 GPa).

Rhenium possesses valuable catalytic properties, and is particularly resistant to poisoning from nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus. Today it represents a common co-metal for supported catalysts on a large scale, e.g. to platinum in petrochemical reforming, and to silver for the manufacture of ethylene oxide.

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Compund CAS Number Formula Metal ­cont. ­approx. Color
Ammonium tetraoxorhenate(VII) “Ammonium Perrhenate” 13598-65-7 NH4[ReO4] 69 % colorless
Hydroxotrioxorhenium(VII) solution “Perrhenic Acid” 13768-11-1 [HReO4] up to 60 % colorless