Rhodium (Rh)

The rare transition metal rhodium was discovered by British chemist William Wollaston in 1803. It is used for hydrogenation catalysts, e.g. to produce cyclohexane derivatives from alkyl benzenes, or to reduce C=O’s to alcohols.

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Compound CAS Number Formula Metal ­Cont. ­approx. Color Samples
Rhodium(III) chloride 13569-65-8 RhCl3 49 % red
Rhodium(III) chloride trihydrate 13569-65-8 RhCl3 · n H2O 38 % red Buy online
Rhodium(III) chloride solution 20765-98-4 RhCl3 up to 20 % red
Rhodium(III) nitrate solution 10139-58-9 Rh(NO3)3 up to 13 % brown