Catalysts for System Integrators

Catalysts for System Integrators

Environmental catalysts play an important role in the purification of industrial gases and exhaust gases. They are utilized in various fields to reduce emissions. They thus contribute to the protection of our environment. Tighter legislation of emission limits calls for innovative catalytic coatings. As a fast and flexible development partner for emission catalysts, we enable our customers introduce their innovations to the market quickly.

Your Benefits

  • High quality products with guaranteed long-term stability
  • Required performance with the lowest possible precious metal content boosts the customers’ cost efficiency
  • Customized solutions with a combination of innovative substrate concepts, outstanding washcoat technology and matched coating process
  • Fast and flexible developments for the customer

Application Examples

  • Automotive Motorsport and Independent Aftermarket (IAM)
  • Marine Applications
  • Roasters
  • Smokehouses