CPhI WorldWide 2018

Meet us at CPhI 2018 – Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Chemicals Catalysts and Compounds for Effective Processes

On the search for a competent partner in the pharmaceutical industry from research stage until product registration turn to Heraeus' experts.

With our passion for health care we achieved an outstanding global position in active pharmaceutical ingredients containing precious metals for highly potent anti-cancer treatments. The highest purity of our active pharmaceutical ingredients (hAPIs) guarantees our customers effective processes and consistent high quality of their products.

As a long-standing specialist in catalysts for process chemistry, we offer an extensive product portfolio and support our customers with solutions along their entire value chain. We work together with our customers to develop individual products and help them expand their market position.

Heraeus @ CPhI 2018

Visit us at our booth at CPhI to talk to our technical experts and learn how our solutions and other innovations can help you succeed.

October 9 to 11, 2018
Feria de Madrid, Spain
Booth 6C60

Use exceptional networking opportunities and discover Heraeus` products and solutions in direct dialogue with our experts! Our technical and commercial specialists for pharmaceuticals ingredients as well as process catalysts will prove professional consulting and look forward to discuss current projects, processes and challenges with you.

Always in Motion - Expansion

Product Highlights at CPhI 2018

Three questions to...

...Dr. Marcus Hannakam

Karola Schönhals

Dr. Hannakam, Heraeus expands its production for Platinum-based pharmaceutical ingredients. What do you expect from the new capacities?

Cancer cases are globally on the rise, causing an increasing demand for their treatment. With the expansion of our production capacities for Platinum-based Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Heraeus responds to the increasing global demands. We are very proud of our ability to cope with the bottleneck situation on the market.

Why does the demand for Platinum-based pharmaceutical ingredients increase?

Pt hAPIs are used for combatting e.g. lung, colorectal, ovarian and testicular cancer. Demographic changes are steadily leading to more of these cancer cases while emerging countries are increasingly gaining access to chemotherapy. Furthermore, Pt hAPIs like Carboplatin are used for combination therapies more often. In consequence, production capacities in the market have reached their limits, a great concern across parties in the global health care community.

What do you expect of the CPhI Worldwide at Madrid?

Heraeus’ Pharmaceutical Ingredients team of experts have been a significant participant in CPhI for many years. The entire industry meets at this great fair, and I especially look forward to meeting our long-term customers again, but also new visitors face to face at our booth.

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...Karola Schönhals

Karola Schönhals

Ms. Schönhals, what is particularly important to you when interacting with customers?

As the Head of Sales for Chemical Catalysts for the EMEA and APAC regions at Heraeus, I particularly emphasize trust-based collaboration with customers. Our customers’ information are used only for their benefit. That is especially relevant for customers in this increasingly competitive environment. This is a key difference between Heraeus and other companies—we are not competing with our own customers.

I am also always happy when our products and services create added value for our customers.

And how do you create this added value?

We work every day to improve our products and increase efficiency for our customers. We focus on innovative capacity. We have our own test facilities so that we can reproduce our customers’ processes and offer an optimized catalyst. That saves the customers a good deal on testing.

At Heraeus, we have a broad knowledge of precious metals. We follow market developments, discuss and advise our clients to ensure that they have what they need at the right time.

What are your expectations for the CPhI trade fair in Madrid?

I am particularly looking forward to meeting new customers who use carrier catalysts for hydrogenation and oxidation reactions at CPhI. Trade shows are always a good opportunity to increase our brand recognition and cultivate contacts. I’m looking forward to interesting conversations and opportunities for new partnerships.

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