Telecommunications Fibers
OFS and Heraeus Comvance Announce the Acquisition of Manufacturing Draw Towers and Factory Space.

As of July 2023, OFS and Heraeus Comvance announce that Heraeus Comvance has acquired part of the OFS Fitel Denmark ApS plant in Brøndby, near Copenhagen.

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Shaping the telecommunication industry

Since the 1970's, Heraeus has helped shape the telecommunication industry. Read below about early developments in optical fiber, challenges for today's fiber producers and technologies of the future.

Telecommunication Fibers
Our Products and Solutions

Heraeus offers a variety of products and solutions for passive components of the telecommunications industry. Find our products and solutions here.

Heraeus Comvance - Enabling communication beyond today's imagination!

A new era of communication has arrived. Some say it is even the next industrial age. Everything is connected; the internet of things is being constructed and the opportunities it will bring are not all clear.

With our experience in fused silica, we work on new, innovative products and processes for optimizing today’s fiber production and turn R&D ideas into production scale products for future fiber ideas. Combine this with the fact that we are the largest manufacturer of synthetic fused silica for telecommunication fibers, and we take pride in saying: we help to connect the world.