CGI/SG Process Control

SG-CGI Process Control overview

Process control system for an advanced SG or CGI production based on an high precision thermal analysis including the complete process documentation and data handling. Fully automated process control using cored wire machines.

  • Available for ladle & pouring furnace process
  • Highest precision in casting properties
  • Sound casting due to stable metallurgy
  • Single step method for high production throughput
  • Cost efficient in running expenses
  • Metallurgical support in every aspect
  • All process data is online visible throughout the foundry -
  • Modules for laboratory data handling and image analysis
  • are available in one package
  • Established in large volume production

SG/CGI production using pouring furnace

Process Control CGI SG Pouring Furnace
  • Optimal adjustment of the metallurgical parameters
  • High cast throughput
  • Long filling cycle times on low pouring weights possible
  • Correction to the furnace with every new ladle, even after breakdown
  • Analysis of the iron condition from the pouring spout
  • One furnace analysis after each filling, no ladle analysis needed
  • Easy switching between CGI and SG production for pouring furnaces

SG/CGI Control using pouring ladle

Process Control CGI SG Ladle Furnace
  • High flexibility, small volumes of different material grades can be produced
  • One-step treatment achieved with optimization algorithm
  • No pre-conditioning needed
  • Feedback loop from previous treatments to compensate changes in the base iron
  • Control over the Mg and inoculant fading until end of pouring possible

CGI/SG Navigator

The SG/CGI-Navigator evaluates the state of the melt based on thermal analysis, calculates the necessary Mg and inoculant additions and manages the production process to get an optimal casting result.

  • Fully automated, easy to use process control
  • Available for ladle & pouring furnace process
  • Collates thermal analysis, spectrometer and temperature lance data
  • Step-by-step instructions through the process sequence
  • Direct control of wire treatment and bulk dosing machines
  • Configurable process and calculation setups
  • Production report generation

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