Foundry Process Technology

Using the WireMaster and BulkMaster systems, the production of ductile iron and compacted graphite iron can be automated resulting in a more reliable process. Together with the CGI/-SG-Navigator the treatment process can be fully controlled and documented while minimizing human influence.


Wiremaster with ladle car

Wire injection motor

  • Simultaneous addition of inoculant and magnesium wire
  • Active or passive ladle cover
  • Service platform for easy maintenance
  • Closed treatment housing for work safety
  • Automated ladle transport and treatment
Wire injection motor


  • 850mm x 705mm x 630mm & 285kg
  • Wire diameter range from 9mm to 16mm
  • Injection speed: 1 - 60m/min
  • Power: 2,2 KW
  • Traction: 4000N (for 30m/min)
  • 2 pairs of traction wheels
  • Traction wheel with 150mm diameter
  • Accuracy of ± 0,1m



Bulk addition machine

  • Automated bulk addition machine, for addition of alloying element or treatment alloys into the ladle.
  • The added alloys can be Carbon, FeSi alloys, Copper, Inoculant, Nodularizante, etc.
Bulk addition machine

The BulkMaster machine can be used together with the WireMaster in order to implement a “ladle metallurgy” process strategy, where the alloysing of the melt and the nodularization treatment are performed in one step.

The BulkMaster is directly controlled by the Navigator software.



WireMaster and Bulkmaster combination

  • Combines bulk additions and wire treatment of inoculant and magnesium wire in one
  • Coil racks for quick and easy storage to guarantee a continuous wire supply
  • Easy production of multiple iron grades