High end thermal analysis - PhaseLab

Thermal Analysis System


PhaseLab - Computer based thermal analysis system

  • Evaluation of thermal analysis curves using an advanced scanning method and curve approximation algorithm
  • Analysis of the base iron: CE, %C, %Si, SC, T liq, UK, RC
  • Analysis of Mg-treated iron: Nodularity Index, Inoculation Index, Particle Density
  • Can be used with all open and closed cup types
  • User-friendly Interface
  • User specific formulas
  • Modular set-up of up to 8 Stations in one system
  • Easy data export functions
Thermal Analysis Cup

Therm-O-Stack: Precise measurement of metallurgical phenomena

Cup used for sampling during or after melt after treatment

  • Defined volume
  • Inoculated & plain chamber
  • Stable form until eutectoid transformation
  • Applicable for SG, CGI, grey cast iron and Aluminium