High end thermal analysis

Thermal Analysis System


PhaseLab - Computer based thermal analysis system

  • Evaluation of thermal analysis curves using an advanced scanning method and curve approximation algorithm
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Modular set-up of several stations in the same window
  • Easy data export functions
Thermal Analysis Cup

Therm-O-Stack: Precise measurement of metallurgical phenomena

Cup used for sampling during or after melt after treatment

  • Defined volume
  • Inoculated & plain chamber
  • Stable form until eutectoid transformation
  • CGI/SGI Version

Process Control & Analysis Software

Process Control Software

SG/CGI Navigator - Advanced software for production control.

  • Control: Nodularity, Inoculation, Particle Density, Pearlite/Ferrite, Mechanical Properties, Shrinkage/Porosity
  • Calculation of additions: Carbon, Inoculant, Mg and CerMM, Alloying elements (FeSi, Cu, Sn)
  • Process overview
  • Documentation of the production
Regression Analysis software

CSL - Statistical and regression analysis software

Evaluation of cause/effect relation between process parameters and casting defects or properties


  • Linear
  • Use of multiple variables for regression
  • Allows the application of mathematical functions to the variables, such as x2; x3; 1/x; Ln(x); exp(x)
  • Graphical display of the regression results and related parameters such as: Correlation coefficient, T-test, Deviation

Wire-treatment and bulk addition stations

Wire injection motor

WireMaster – Wire injection motor


  • 850mm x 705mm x 630mm & 285kg
  • Wire diameter range from 9mm to 16mm
  • Injection speed: 1 - 60m/min
  • Power: 2,2 KW
  • Traction: 4000N (for 30m/min)
  • 2 pairs of traction wheels
  • Traction wheel with 150mm diameter
  • Accuracy of ± 0,1m
Bulk addition machine

BulkMaster - Bulk addition machine

Automated bulk addition machine, for addition of alloying element or treatment alloys into the ladle.

The added alloys can be Carbon, FeSi alloys, Copper, Inoculant, Nodularizante, etc.


The BulkMaster machine can be used together with the WireMaster in order to implement a “ladle metallurgy” process strategy, where the alloysing of the melt and the nodularization treatment are performed in one step.

The BulkMaster is directly controlled by the Navigator software.

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