Temperature Control

Spot measurement

Fast, accurate, and reliable liquid metal temperature readings are indispensable tools for cost-effective temperature control during steel production. High performance expendable temperature sensors from Heraeus Electro-Nite offer a wide choice of thermocouple types, probe lengths, and immersion lances to suit all process applications.

Additional non-splash, for improved operator protection, together with multi-immersion designs are available for critical applications and use in foundries.

Sensors: Positherm®, Positherm® Non-Splash

Instruments: DigiTemp-E, iM² Sensor Lab®

Continuous measurement

A highly robust permanent sensor controls temperature profiles during the continuous casting process. Precision is same as for spot measurements. A variety of holding devices and cable lengths are offered.

The HFC infrared continuous temperature measuring system consists of temperature measuring tube(HFC-G-IV), detector(HFC-T-IV) , automatic air cooling controller (HFC-FX-IV), signal processor (HFC-C_IV) and the large screen displayer (HFC-D-IV). The system adopt non-contact infrared radiation measurement technology to monitor temperature continuously, steadily and accurately.

Sensors: CasTemp®, Contitherm®, Contilance, HFC-IV

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