Antistatic Coating - Component Protection

An electrically-conductive coating is designed to reduce or prohibit a static-electrical charge and its effects. Clevios™ Antistatic, static dissipative, and conductive coatings of IC packaging trays prevents damage of sensitive electronic components by ESD (electrostatic discharge) through its coating applications.

Antistatic Coatings

Static charges can lead to various problems and frequently occur on plastic surfaces. Our Clevios™ coating has been designed to produce surfaces with an antistatic, static dissipative, or conductive finish with precisely tunable sheet resistances (SR) in the range of 10E4 – 10E10 Ohm/sq.

Transparent benefits

ICs, display or sensor module packaging trays coated in conductive Clevios™ coating are immune to ESD (electrostatic discharge) damage of their sensitive electronic components. The coating also keeps away dust and other particles. Moreover, Clevios™ coatings are clear and transparent, allowing for visual inspection of parts and components in the packaging trays.

Useful in many ways

Clevios™ can also be used in non-electronics applications, such as cleanroom windows, instrument housings, specialty papers, photographic film, glass coating, construction and building materials, release coatings, labels and so on. Here, Clevios™ helps to prevent the build-up of static charges.

In explosion-proof environments, possible static charges occurring on parts or equipment can have disastrous consequences. Together with our customers we have successfully worked to find reliable solutions to this particular challenge. We look forward to discussing your individual requirements with you.

Applicable to most plastics

Many plastics can be coated with Clevios™, including polycarbonate (PC), polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyamide (PA), and polypropylene (PP). We recommend surface activation by corona or plasma treatment prior to coating as it enhances adhesion to the substrate. Primer-coated substrates can also be a good choice.

Your choice of formulation

Customers can choose from one of our ready to use Clevios™ F formulations that can be directly applied or have an individual formulation prepared from Clevios™ P T2, an aqueous PEDOT:PSS dispersion raw material.
Please see the table below for a handy overview.

Description Grade Surface Resistance Range [Ohm/sq] Typical Transmission (incl. substrate)
Dispersion for static dissipative and conductive formulations  Clevios™ PT 2 raw material for formulations raw material for formulations
Formulation for stabilized conductive coatings  Clevios™ F 020 ≤ 10E3 >85 %
Formulation for static dissipative coatings  Clevios™ F 010 > 10E3 >88 %
Formulation for conductive and static dissipative coatings  Clevios™ F AS > 10E4 >88 %
Formulation for antistatic and static dissipative coatings  Clevios™ F AS8 ≥ 10E6 >89 %