Conductive Adhesives - solvent based Clevios

Transparent adhesives are key materials used in displays, but they are non-conductive. A new solvent based Clevios™ technology from Heraeus will advance conductive adhesives to a new level.

Conductive Adhesives

Heraeus Epurio is bringing the next innovation in anti-static display films to the market. The development of Clevios™ P SB 6, a new organic solvent-based PEDOT dispersion, marks a new era. This material will enable transparent, antistatic pressure sensitive adhesives (AS-PSA).

In contrast to ionic liquids that can also be blended with conductive adhesives, Clevios™ PEDOT offers real electronic and not only ionic conductivity. This makes lower sheet resistance (SR) ranges possible. This becomes especially important when larger substrates are peeled off at higher speeds.

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