Electroluminesence (EL) Lighting

Electroluminescence (EL) Lighting produces a comfortable and uniform light. EL-lamps can be made entirely by screen-printing on thin, flexible plastic substrates. Clevios™ conductive polymers are used as the transparent electrode in this robust, and mature lighting technology.

New applications

Clevios™ S V3 or S V4 allows for economical direct printing and patterning of the transparent electrode on almost any substrate, including paper, plastic, or glass. The uniquely flexible properties of Clevios™ enable new applications of electroluminescence on smart textiles, in-mould electronics (IME), as well as smart packaging.

Typical structure of an EL Lamp

Clevios™ Screen Printing Pastes

Please see the table below for a handy overview.

Product Description Typcial SR [Ohm/sq]
 Clevios™ S V3 standard conductive paste 350 - 500
 Clevios™ S V3 STAB S V3 type with improved environmental performance 450 - 600
 Clevios™ S V4 high conductive paste 200 - 350
 Clevios™ S V4 STAB S V4 type with improved environmental performance 250 - 500