Printed Electronics

Printed electronics have made life simpler, flexible, and cost-effective which make them appealing to a broad range of industries. Heraeus Epurio offers several polymers which also can be adopted for new industrial sectors and appliations.

Printed Electroncis - Clevios Screen-Printing Pastes

Printed electronics come in several production modes. They can be produced entirely by printing or in a hybrid system or printed roll-to-roll or on sheets. There is constant and ongoing development with new products and applications emerging.

Clevios™ conductive polymers will play an important role in many of these products due to the unique combination of these properties:

  • Transparency
  • Conductivity
  • Flexibility and stretchability
  • Printability, wet-processing
  • Properties tuning
  • Ease of use
  • Aqueous, safe to use, and sustainable

See the table for a summary of the main Clevios™ screen and inkjet grades:

Product Description SR[Ohm/sq] Transmission[%]
Clevios™ S V3 Standard paste 350-500 85
Clevios™ S V3 STAB S V3 with improved environmental stability 450-600 86
Clevios™ S V4 Highly conductive 250-400 85
Clevios™ S V4 STAB* S V4 with improved environmental stability 300-500 86
Clevios™ S V6 Development product, low resistance, fine line printing 150-250 83
Product Type Function Typical Properties
RD Clevios™ P Jet X N PEDOT:PSS Transparent electrodes 200-750 Ohm/sq, pH neutral
RD Clevios™ HY Jet 3 AgNW / PEDOT:PSS Transparent electrodes 10-100 Ohm/sq, aqueous, pH neutral, 5 μm filtration
Clevios™ P Jet OLED PEDOT:PSS Hole injection layer (HIL) 1,000-15,000, aqueous, pH neutral
RD Clevios™ HIL Jet 8 PEDOT dispersion Hole injection layer (HIL) 100-10,000, solvent based, waterless