Technical challenges for capacitors

Market trends for low ESR drive the development of polymer type tantalum and aluminum capacitors.

Low metal contamination in chip production for the semiconductor industry with ultra-pure materials

Today’s semiconductor processes face extreme reliability and yield expectations.

AIMCAL R2R Asia 2019 in Daejon, South Korea

Jinhwan Kim spoke about "Progress of Transparent Conductive Hybrid Materials on PEDOT:PSS and Silver Nanowires"

Download here his presentation.

Groundbreaking event marks Heraeus Epurio expansion in Dayton

11.07.19: Heraeus Epurio held a groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday to announce a EUR 14.2 million (USD 15.9 million) expansion project of its Dayton, Ohio location.

Heraeus Epurio - Conductive Polymers and Ultra-Pure Chemicals for New Advances in Electronics