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CleviosTM by Heraeus Epurio makes new advances in printed electronics possible

Heraeus Epurio is the technology and market leader in essential materials for capacitor, display, and photoresist applications.

A statement from Heraeus Epurio in Leverkusen, Germany

Fire and explosion in Leverkusen-Bürrig on 27 July 2021

On 27 July 2021 an explosion and a fire were reported in the Leverkusen Chempark. Below is the official statement of Chempark about the incident:

‘Due to a yet undetermined cause, there was an explosion on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, at around 9:40 a.m., followed by a fire in the Bürrig disposal center. The plant fire brigade and professional fire brigade as well as the air test van have been in use since then. The sirens and warning apps were triggered to warn the population. As a precautionary measure, residents were asked to go to closed rooms and to keep doors and windows closed. There is now an all-clear for the entire city area.’

The entire team at Heraeus Epurio is safe and doing well. In addition, we have not experienced any operational disruptions at this time. Our deepest and heartfelt sympathies go out to the victims and their families, along with our wishes for the speedy recovery of those who are injured.

Bernd Stenger

President, Heraeus Epurio


Heraeus Epurio at C-Touch & Display 2021

Heraeus, Nanobit and SigmaSense introduce technological leap in 3D display with optically clear touch sensors

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Created with Clevios™:

Prismade launches security labels with transparent printed electronics to secure documents via smartphones

Prismade (Printed Smart Devices) has brought its PrismaID technology to a new level. The new solution aims to protect valuable and sensitive documents like cards, contracts or certificates with an easy-to-use security label and connect them to digital services.

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Heraeus Epurio at virtual LOPEC 2021

In the field of printed electronics, the LOPEC Conference is the world's most important communication platform for research, knowledge, and solutions.

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Download the presentation by Dr. Wilfried Lövenich, Global Head of Innovation at Heraeus Epurio, about Clevios™ dispersions in flexible devices

Touch Sensor

World’s first 65-inch PEDOT polymer touch sensor developed by Heraeus and SigmaSense

Revolutionary large touch sensor, enabled by SigmaSense Touch Controller, provides superior optical clarity, reliable flexibility and reduced cost

Heraeus, the world leader in polymer material innovations, and SigmaSense, the global leader in touch sensing performance, have jointly developed a breakthrough fully-functional 65-inch PEDOT polymer touch sensor. This game-changing development – a world first – is poised to disrupt the touch sensor market providing superior optical clarity, reliable flexibility, reduced costs and SigmaDrive performance and functional advantages. This paves the way for affordable interactive displays of all sizes - even over 100 inches.

The solution is based on Clevios, a flexible and robust conductive PEDOT polymer, and enabled by SigmaDrive™, SigmaSense’s current-mode sensing technology which supports super high resistance sensors at ultra-low voltages.

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Touch Panel Applications

Feature in OPE Journal Issue #34 Smart Living and Mobility

Press Release about PEDOT Touch Sensor, launched in C-Touch 2020

Heraeus SigmaSense PEDOT Touch Sensor Webflyer

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Integrating Conductive Textiles with Artificial Intelligence

AI Silk from Japan has developed the innovative new conductive fiber/textile LEAD SKIN made through dyeing technology and which is now available in the market. Clevios™, the pioneer and leader in PEDOT chemistry, is coated on the fibers and provides the material with excellent conductivity.

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About Clevios™ - PEDOT:PSS

Brochure: Innovate with Clevios™

AI Silk LEAD SKIN Webflyer

ORIGAMI Source: adSphere

German-Japanese ORIGAMI yields breakthrough multi-layered touch slider from high-precision 3D printing

A pioneering touch slider enabled by multiple layers of printed electronics and combined with innovative heating, thermoforming and injection molding technologies, was developed in the publicly-funded Innovations with Organic 3D Electronics (ORIGAMI) project, which brings together various German and Japanese technology companies and institutes. The demonstrator is equipped with 14 LEDs, has a drawing depth of 10mm, and a touch functionality. This engineering feat enables the fast sheet-to-sheet production of injection-molded 3D electronic devices, reducing the necessary productions steps and overall weight of the finished devices. This achievement in printed electronics is expected to find its way to automotive interiors, white goods, large electronic appliances, and medical equipment, among others.

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Press Release about ORIGAMI Project

Printed Sensors


Solvent-Based Clevios™ for Next-Gen Conductive Adhesives

A new solvent-based Clevios™ technology from Heraeus Epurio will advance conductive adhesives into the next level of innovation. The development of Clevios™ P SB 6, a new organic solvent-based PEDOT dispersion, marks a new era. This material enables transparent, antistatic pressure sensitive adhesives. In contrast to ionic liquids that can also be blended with conductive adhesives, Clevios™ PEDOT offers true electronic, and not only ionic, conductivity, making lower sheet resistance ranges possible. This becomes especially important when larger substrates are peeled off at higher speeds.

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Conductive Adhesives

Solvent-Based Clevios™ Webflyer