Clevios™ - PEDOT:PSS

A conductive polymer working to your advantage: Clevios™ PEDOT/PSS is a class leader in the field of conductive polymer chemistry.

Clevios™ - PEDOT:PSS

Two driving forces are fuelling the advancement of modern electronics: Reliability and miniaturization. The materials used in the production process and in your products are critical to your competitive edge in the market.

With Clevios™, Heraeus is offering an extremely thin, electrically conductive polymer coating which ticks all the boxes. Clevios™ PEDOT:PSS is a complex of a substituted polythiophene and a polyanion that offers the highest conductivity found so far in a commercial product : 1000 S/cm.

Quality from a pioneer

Heraeus Epurio has been a pioneer in conductive polymers. Today, we continue to offer the highest quality and reliability available in the market. Clevios™ makes sure your products last longer without compromising on size or practicability.

Technical information

Available in several forms

For in-situ polymerization the product is offered as a momer but is also available as neat water-based dispersion or as a ready-to-use formulation mixed with solvents and additive. Overall, the product family comprises monomers, catalysts (oxidizers), polymers and formulations thereof which are especially designed for purpose.

Outstanding characteristics of Clevios™:

  • Top conductive polymer (up to 1000 S/cm)
  • Good chemical stability
  • Transparent (Y as high as 90% @ d = 100nm)
  • Easy to use polymer dispersion or in-situ polymerisation
  • Safe handling
  • Tailor made product range for specific applications
  • Good thermal/UV stability
  • Scalable to industrial needs


A wealth of applications

Clevios™ PEDOT:PSS with its outstanding characteristics has many applications: new kinds of flexible displays, high performance electrolytic capacitors, antistatic and conductive protective and shielding layers, OLED, OPV or printed electronics to name but a few.

Applications and Industries