Custom-made monomers for customer-specific polymers

An integral product for the semiconductor industry, monomers are used to make custom polymers for photoresist solutions.

Heraeus has along history of creating critical layer polyacrylate-based resists. Together with our customers we have developed and scaled up various monomers with steric-hindering groups.

Focus on the customer

From the UHP purity grade for new critical layer developments to packaging and thick film-related resist applications, we offer the entire product range. We always keep an eye on the costs and on volume availability. We enjoy an exceptionally close relationship with our customers and are always aware of their growth and scale requirements.

Keep your rights

With our custom-made monomers, our customers can even retain the intellectual property rights to their exclusive formulation.


Recently Heraeus has recognized the importance of diversifying end-uses of PI polymer. In order to facilitate specialization in this field, we also offer special monomers for transparent, cross-linked PI varnish.

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