“Our products are used in every fifth LED in lamps or lights worldwide”

Hanau / Bregenz, 25.09.2018

In this interview, Stefan Mausner, LED expert at Heraeus Electronics, discusses the future development of the LED market as well as major trends

Stefan Mausner

Mr. Mausner, how will the LED market develop in the future?

Micro LEDs are already a major trend, and this is set to continue. Take televisions as an example: OLED TVs have so far been leading the field in performance. Micro LED displays could offer equivalent performance – coupled with greater cost effectiveness, higher yield, and a longer life. This is why all major manufacturers are currently investing heavily in this technology.

Are there any genuine alternatives to LEDs?

The EU Commission recently introduced legislation banning halogen lamps. Halogen lamps produce 20 lumens per watt, while basic LED lamps already produce a significantly higher 100 lumens per watt. Some LED components are now able to produce much more than 200 lumens per watt – making them considerably more efficient. The logical step, therefore, was to remove the halogen lamp from the market. The future lies in the LED – and the micro LED in particular.

And Heraeus already has a strong presence on the LED market?

We currently hold more than 20 percent of the market share for bonding wire within the global LED market, for example. This means that Heraeus bonding wire is found in every fifth LED that is fitted in lamps or lighting around the world. We are also well represented on the solder paste market. LED applications for sinter pastes are currently becoming another key trend on account of their excellent heat conductivity – a property that is very much in demand in the field of LED packaging due to the high energy densities involved.

About Stefan Mausner

Stefan Mausner has been in the Marketing segment manager LED at Heraeus Electronics. He is responsible for creating sales and marketing strategies in the area of LED and market launches of LED-related products.