Celebrating a Decade of Impact: Heraeus Electronics Marks 10 Years of Success in Romania

Heraeus Electronics proudly commemorates its 10th anniversary in Romania, celebrating a decade of passion, innovation, and remarkable achievements. The official 10-Year Celebration took place on July 7, 2023, at Heraeus Romanian facility in Timisoara. The event brought together more than 650 participants, including Heraeus employees and their families, distinguished guests, local officials, academics, diplomats and members of the press.

Heraeus Electronics 10 Years of success in Romania

The festivities began with a warm welcome by Mr. Samuel Cires, General Manager for Heraeus Romania, who emphasized the significance of teamwork and the company's unwavering commitment to long-term growth and success. Following Mr. Cires' address, Dr. Klemens Brunner, the President of Heraeus Electronics, offered a glimpse into the future of Heraeus Romania, expressing his vision for further expansion and development: "What you see here is just the beginning. We envision more plants and a thriving presence in the electromobility industry as it continues to grow in Europe. Romania is a perfect location, and we are confident in our journey of continuous growth here."

Throughout the event, esteemed guests highlighted the crucial factors that contributed to Heraeus' choice of Timisoara as its base, including the presence of a prestigious technical university and the city's vital role in supplying skilled engineers in the electronics and chemistry fields. Additionally, the focus on the future of electromobility and the role Heraeus Romania plays in the global electromobility industry were highlighted, emphasizing the company's position as a key player in this transformative industry.

Heraeus Electronics Marks 10 years of success in Romania

The celebration was not just about commemorating a successful past but also about embracing a promising future. Guests enjoyed delightful performances, including a captivating Romanian folk dance and a graceful ballet dance. A factory tour provided attendees with a firsthand look at the cutting-edge technologies and processes that drive success at Heraeus Romania.

The festivities continued with the Family Day, dedicated to employees and their loved ones. Carmen Suciu, HR Director for Heraeus Romania, warmly welcomed everyone, and Manuel Fischer, Global Head of Human Resources & Marketing Communications for Heraeus Electronics, highlighted the remarkable journey of Romanian office, growing from a start-up to a thriving organization with over 350 dedicated employees.

"We are immensely proud to celebrate a decade of success in Romania," said Sander van Lisdonk, Head of Sales EMEA / America at Heraeus Electronics. "The 10-Year Celebration and Family Day were a testament to the remarkable achievements and the collaborative spirit of our exceptional team in Timisoara. We look forward to continuing our journey of excellence, innovation, and positive impact in the years to come."

As Heraeus Electronics marks this significant milestone, the company reaffirms its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and driving the future of the electronics industry.