Heraeus Electronics at IMAPS 2019

The Perfect Match - Heraeus Showcases Highly Efficient Materials & Solutions for Advanced Processes

For memory packaging and next-generation material innovations, the microelectronics and semiconductor industries turn to Heraeus Electronics. Innovative materials solutions from Heraeus enable customers to develop new solutions for higher current density, addressing integration challenges and to answer the demand for improved reliability, miniaturization and cost efficiency.

Meet our products and technical experts at IMAPS 2019

Date: October 1st - 2nd, 2019
Venue: Hynes Convention Center Boston, MA
Booth: 308

Product Highlights at IMAPS 2019

Gold Coated Silver Wire (AgCoat™)

Heraeus High Temperature Heaters

Heraeus thick film heater materials provide you the solutions to meet demanding conditions with conductor, resistor, and insulating paste options. Materials sets are packaged upon substrate types and focus on the customers’ desired operating temperatures, heater specifications, and design requirements. Learn more about Heaters here

Further Product Highlights at IMAPS 2019

Join our expert presentation at IMAPS 2019

Laser Etching Gold for RF applications

Stephanie Edwards speaks about Laser Etching Gold for RF applications

2nd October between 4:30PM - 4:55PM

Speaker: Stephanie Edwards

As the industry grows there is a continuing trend for miniaturization in most packaging platforms. As a result Heraeus Electronics has put together an extensive Advanced packaging and SiP product portfolio to assist our customers in their continued growth. This product portfolio as well as the latest in Heater Solutions will be on display at the 52nd annual International Symposium on Microelectronics in Boston, MA. Please join the IMAPS organization and Heraeus Electronics at the conference to experience over 125 technical presentations and poster session on the most relevant topics in the industry.

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