The power electronics assembly market evolves at a fast pace, competition gets keener. Heraeus enables its customers to reach key targets for the development of their innovations by optimizing materials and materials combinations.

Meet our experts on PCIM Asia which takes place on June 26th - 28th, 2019 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Hall 2. Heraeus booth is a must-see. Visit us at Booth # H2-3/ B05 to speak with our technical experts and learn more about our highly efficient materials and solutions for the electronics market.

Product Highlights at PCIM Asia for Power Electronic Applications

mAgic Sinter Pastes for high performance applications

mAgic Sinter Paste

Heraeus mAgic® Sinter Materials provides stable, powerful and lead-free option that could boost the lifetime of a device up to 10 times. This can be achieved through high-caliber thermal conductivity (>100W/mk), precise positioning of LED chips, a pressureless sintering process, and a decreased risk in voids.

The specialized array for pressure sintering mAgic PE338 (formerly ASP338) represents an expanded lifetime up to 10 times more in comparison to the standard solder in power cycling.

For non-pressure sintering applications, sinter mAgic DA295 (formerly ASP295) series is a lead-free alternate for high melting point solders.

Condura®: Heraeus Electronics presents high reliable ground conditions for your specific requirements

 Heraeus Electronics presents its comprehensive portfolio of Condura® at PCIM Europe
  • Condura®.classic (DCB-Al2O3)
    Time-tested standard for power electronic applications
  • Condura®.extra (DCB-ZTA)
    Alumina DCB for more robustness to improve module reliability and processability
  • Condura®.prime (AMB-Si3N4)
    Highest mechanical robustness and outstanding thermal conductivity
  • Condura®+
    Choose your Plus out of 20 options to maximize your success in power electronics module production

DTS®: Get the most out of your power module with Heraeus Die Top System (DTS®)

Heraeus presents DTS on PCIM Europe Substrate layout by courtesy of Fraunhofer IISB

You are interested to boost lifetime and power density in your power modules? Free yourself from the technical limitations of today’s standard and discover Heraeus Die Top System (DTS® ).

DTS® significantly improves the electrical, thermal and reliability performance of the die connection thus improving the whole module performance.

Heraeus Electronics Materials Solutions and Services for Packaging of Power Electronic Modules

Expert Presentation at PCIM Asia Forum

June 26th, 2019, Time TBA
Venue: Hall 2
Speaker: Tim Lu/ Segment Marketing Manager

Due to the continuous rise in the power density, coupled with higher operating temperatures and the demand for improved reliability, packaging materials are brought to the edge of their limits. The new Heraeus materials solutions enable the use of materials in combination with new technology. It significantly improves the electrical, thermal and reliability performance of the die connection, and effects the whole module performance. Additionally, it enables easy processing, improves the yields and helps to bring new packaging solutions faster to market.

 More information about HET materials solutions and services for packaging of power electronic modules.

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