Electronic devices need to deliver more function in a smaller space with each new generation. Development targets are to reduce device size, improve reliability and comply with legal requirements. Heraeus offers a wide range of adhesives with outstanding adhesion and high reliability, addressing the high requirements from automotive to consumer electronics and other markets.

SMT Adhesives

SMT Adhesives

SMT adhesives are used for the fixing of components during wave soldering. Also, in double sided reflow, they help to fix large components. In addition, SMT adhesives can be used for fixing of grid array components, e.g. BGA‘s/CSP. This application is also called BGA corner bonding.

Heraeus SMT adhesives are suitable for all common application methods, e.g. printing, dispensing, pin transfer and jetting. They are supplied in a big variety of cartridges for all common machines.

Conductive and non-conductive Adhesives

Conductive and non-conductive adhesives

Conductive and non-conductive adhesives have a long tradition for die attaching in the automotive electronics and semiconductor industry. The flexibility of this material makes it ideal for attaching different sized dies on a variety of substrate materials.

Heraeus provides a wide range of ready to use, single component systems. Heraeus Die Attach Adhesives improve the production yield due to their long pot life, wide process window and fast curing capabilities.

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