Power Set 1.0

In fast moving and competitive markets a short time to market becomes a crucial sales advantage. With the Heraeus Power Set 1.0 you can save considerable development time and achieve higher yield by process optimization.

Electronic devices are getting more and more complex. They consist of a range of materials. Each material requires special handling and process know-how. Even more challenging is the combination of different materials on the module level. Heraeus therefore developed a one stop shop solution for power electronics. Apart from just offering single materials, we provide the new Heraeus Power Set 1.0 – a material solution for power electronics packaging.

It consists of:

  • Aluminum bonding wire
  • Tin-silver lead free die attach solder paste
  • Direct Copper Bonding (DCB) alumina ceramic
  • Terminal with selective AlSi and NiSn area

Heraeus has comprehensive expert knowledge in the fields of material application, handling and testing: we are able to match all these materials perfectly to each other. In our application center we test materials and the material combinations and run tests at module level as our customers do. So we are able to optimize interfaces between the materials in order to achieve a maximum of system performance and reliability.

The Power Set 1.0 significantly reduces your development time and improves your yield due to optimized processes:

  • Pre-qualified combination of perfectly matched materials set
  • Shorter customer development time by less complexity
  • One stop shop solution
  • Higher yield by process optimization
  • Pre-assembled combinations are available on request

Your benefits in working with Heraeus:

  • Exactly the right solution for your application, adapted to your needs
  • Quicker time to market due to unique expertise of matching materials to systems with maximum performance and reliability
  • High innovation capabilities
  • In our in-house application center we are able to:
    • Perform the complete module back-end assembly
    • Build prototypes of electronic modules
    • Run tests at module level as our customers do

The Power Set 1.0 is designed for power electronics in industrial use:

  • Electric drives
  • Inductance heaters
  • Welding equipment

The Power Set can consist of:

Al-H11 300 μm: Standard aluminum bonding wire (very soft)

  • High purity aluminum - with homogenously doped additives
  • Ultra soft performance - extra sensible chip bonding, outstanding soft bonding properties

F 823 SA35 89-M 30: Tin-silver lead free die attach solder paste

  • Very high surface insulation resistance of the flux residues
  • Suitable for reflow in convection and vacuum ovens
  • Exceptional print to print consistency
  • Min. 8 hours tack and work life

CuSn6 0.6 - 0.8: Terminal with selective AlSi and NiSn area

  • Internal: AlSi - extreme wide bonding process window
  • External: NiSn - high corrosion resistance
  • Customized design

Al2O3 (96 %) DCB: Direct Copper Bonding (DCB) alumina ceramic

  • Alumina ceramic Al2O3 (96 %) of 0.32 mm thicknesses
  • Direct copper bonding Cu-OFE of 0.3 mm thickness
  • Single unit or master card size 7 " x 5 " (usable area)
  • Surface finish: bare Cu, Ni, Ni/Au
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