Complex stamped parts with functional surfaces

We supply materials and parts fully aligned with the trend towards the miniaturization of components, which also satisfy the increasing challenges on cleanliness, selectivity of functionality, and narrower tolerances. Precision stamped parts and Stamped Circuit Boards (SCBs) help to fit ever more complex functionalities into the tiniest of spaces.

As chip carriers, SCBs bring the miniaturization and integration of the smallest circuits into a new dimension. We mass-produce single- and multi-layer foil composites and specifically adapt the materials to suit your requirements.

Our bondable stamped parts from roll clad strips are used as metal inserts in the transmission of signal and load currents. Supplemented by further functional surfaces, we, as experts with many years of experience, are in a position to develop customer-specific solutions for technologically sophisticated products and its required equipment.

Your technical challenges drive us forward. Talk to us. Our specialists are eager to invest their knowledge into your project.

  • Many years of experience with functional surfaces for complex applications, e.g. plugging, bonding, soldering, adhesive joining, and sintering
  • Highest quality thanks to decades of expertise in materials with thicknesses ranging from 20µm upwards
  • Complete solution in the form of a matched material system for assembly and packaging technologies
  • Innovation through development partnerships
  • Technical support from our inhouse Technology Center and Application Lab extensive analysis possibilities (Video)
  • Individual solutions based on the combination of different manufacturing processes, meeting your specific demands
  • Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity

With our broad materials and process portfolio combined with our expertise, we ensure that our product is a perfect match for your customer-specific requirement.

Stamped and electroplated part of Heraeus AlSi:Bond
ST Marelli

The application fields of precision stamped parts and SCBs are diverse. They are used in practically all important sectors of industry and in our daily lives:

Power electronics in industrial use:

Our metal inserts and stamped parts meet the highest demands in the field of power electronics, whether as carrier boards or heat spreaders in power electronic modules. The modules themselves are used, for example, in electric drive systems, as inverters, or for energy supplies.

  • Trains
  • Electric industrial vehicles (e.g. motor drives for forklifts)
  • Renewable energies (inverters for wind, water, and sun)
  • Electric power substations
  • Ships (motor drive, steering, energy supply)
  • Elevators and escalators

Automotive (control devices and sensors):

  • Engine management (Engine Control Unit ECU)
  • Transmission controllers
  • Braking, steering and stability systems (ABS, ESP, EPS / EPAS)
  • Pressure sensors (power brakes, differential pressure for air ducts and exhaust emission, airflow meters)
  • Power electronic modules for the electrification of the drive train (electric and hybrid vehicles)
  • Alternator control unit
  • Bi-material terminal for aluminium cabling within the vehicle


  • Automotive headlamps
  • Street lighting
  • Ambient lighting
  • Flash light for mobile phones


  • Radio frequency antenna modules for mobile communication

Broad materials portfolio:

  • Metals: edCu, rolled Cu, CuSn6, CuSn0,15, CuNiSi, CuFe, CuNi3, CuBe, stainless steel, Al and others
  • Plastics: Epoxy, PI, PET

Combinations of these materials are possible according to your particular application. Roll cladding and laminating technologies are often applied here.
By combining the following technologies, we attain a very high level of design flexibility:

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