XOB10 – Ultra-thin lead frame for contactless chip modules

The demand for ultra-thin RFID modules is high. With XOB10, Heraeus has developed an ultra-thin lead frame that is ideal for use in secure ID inlays, even in data pages.

XOB10 - Ultra-thin lead frame for contactless chip modules

In the passport and ID card market there is a permanent trend towards miniaturization and thickness reduction by increasing security requirements. Therefore, complexity in these applications increased. Additional security layers such as holograms or foils have to be installed into existing solutions. To achieve this, the card manufacturers need extremely thin lead frames.

With XOB10, Heraeus offers a lead frame with a thickness of only 35 µm compared to existing solutions with 60 µm and more. This allows to make the whole module thinner (200 µm and lower) and allow on this way to add additional security layers into existing solutions.

Heraeus XOB10 is produced out of stainless steel. The product is free available in the market and compatible with existing equipment which reduces changeover costs to the new generation of lead-frames.

As the sole company in the market, Heraeus also offers bonding wires and non-conductive adhesives for module packaging. In the own application center in Hanau, Heraeus can test technologies and tailor applications to specific customer needs.


  • Ultra-thin lead frame (35 µm) allows module thickness of 200 µm and below
  • Design free available – no additional tooling costs
  • Improved product quality by using stainless steel (improved corrosion resistance and mechanical stability) compared to copper solutions


Allowing a total module thickness of 200 µm or less, the lead frame is used for secure ID applications such as

  • ePassports
  • Personal ID cards
  • National ID cards
  • Contactless bank cards