mAgic® DA320: Non-Pressure Sinter Paste

Discover intriguing interconnection properties to level up your power devices competitive advantage.

mini and micro LED

Continuing our strong mAgic® tradition of sinter solution, mAgic® DA320 features properties to enable your devices to stand out distinctly amongst the competition.

Combining the best technologies available, mAgic® DA320 features the industry shortest sintering profile to create a high shear strength and high thermal conductive die attach interconnection.

We see the electrical systems is powered by energy efficient electronics. These top-of-line power devices would feature the highly rated wideband gap semiconductors of Silicon Carbide (SiC) or Gallium Nitride (GaN). They demand the best packaging technology of the lowest thermal resistance to reduce operating temperature and enable longer reliability.

The sinter development team employs a systematic approach to optimize mAgic® DA320 formulation. This is a highly engineered yet simple to use non-pressure sinter solution packed richly with key features in one fantastic product for die-attach of power devices.

Key Features

  • Non-pressure sinter at 200°C and above
  • High shear strength of more than 50 MPa
  • Typical thermal conductivity of above 200 W/mK
  • 90 mins fast sintering
  • Low voiding up to 5x5 mm
  • Continuous dispensing up to 12 hours
  • Extended staging performance
  • Consistent adhesion capability on Au and Ag surface
  • Sinter in air
  • Halogen zero

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