Welco® LED100: T7 SAC305 No-Clean Printing Paste

Welco® LED100 T7 SAC305 is a state-of-the-art no-clean printing paste, engineered primarily for miniLED and microLED attach applications. Paste release performance is exceptional at 70um stencil openings and highly consistent over its stencil life. LED100 series uses only Heraeus proprietary Welco® Type 7 powders to achieve highly reliable solder joints with low voids for customers’ applications.

Key Features

  • Uses high-quality Welco® T7 SAC305 powders
  • Halogen-free and No-clean chemistry
  • Best-in-class low-void performance
  • Minimal solder beading
  • Consistent fine pitch paste release
  • Long stencil life (≥10hr) & staging life (≥10hr)
  • Proven reliability and shear strength in miniLED application

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