50. Anniversary Heraeus Electronics

Celebrating 50 years of Thick Film Technology

Heraeus Electronics, for 50 years, has been a market leader innovating materials solutions for the thick film industry. This year Heraeus Electronics will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in the thick film market and the advancements that have been made in leading the way for the future of this technology.

Thick Film technology is well know as a reliable solution for circuits and components. Over time the applications for thick film materials have grown substantially from its early beginning of hybrid circuits. It is now used for passive components and low temperature printed electronics to name a few. The driving force of the growth is because of the proven value and reliability with thick film materials. The performance of thick film materials and their ability to withstand harsh and demanding conditions has helped us succeed in the automotive, aerospace, military, consumer, and medical fields worldwide.

Collaboration with our customers is key in defining the demands of the market as well as extending our customers’ technical abilities. Heraeus not only provides the materials to move their designs into the future, but also supports them with best in class technical and customer service as well as the dependability and stability of the Heraeus organization.

Without the vision and technical demands from our customers we would not have had the pipeline of innovation to propel thick film technology forward. Developing the business and growth hand-in-hand with our customers is at the core of our business.