• Paste Type: Conductor
  • Application Method: Screen Printing Dipping
  • Substrate: Alumina (Al2O3)
  • Metal: AgPtPd
  • Application: Hybrid IC Component Applications
  • Description: C4081 is a Ag/Pd/Pt thick film conductor formulation which provides outstanding leach resistance and aged adhesion with many types of solder. This material has excellent silver migration resistance.
  • Key features: Excellent Ag migration resistance Outstanding leach resistance
  • Process Temperature: 850°C peak temperature Dwell time of 9-11 minutes
  • Film Thickness : 7 – 10 ?m
  • Conductivity: ? 187 milliohms per square at 8.5 microns fired film thickness
  • Solids: 72.6 ±1%

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