• Paste Type: Conductor
  • Application Method: Screen Printing
  • Substrate: Alumina
  • Metal: Ag
  • Application: Hybrid IC
  • Description: C8710M is an unfritted Ag conductor designed for thick print applications. In a single print and fire application, C8710M yields a thick, dense film that is free from listers, cracks, and other cosmetic defects. It exhibits excellent solderability and low resistivity. C8710M has good adhesion when printed over a baselayer of C4740L or other silver based Heraeus conductors. It is not designed to be used without a base layer. C8710M is an excellent choice for low cost, high conductivity applications that require very thick conductor traces.
  • Key features: Low resistivity#Good cosmetics up to 80 um#Excellent solderability
  • Process Temperature: 850°C peak temperature. Dwell time of 8-12 minutes.
  • Film Thickness : 50-70 um (over a 12-14 micron print of C4740L)
  • Viscosity: 180-220 Kcps, Brookfield HBTSC4-14 spindle and 6R cup at 10 rpm, 25 °C
  • Conductivity: ≤ 2.2 milliohms/square at 12 um fired film thickness
  • Alloy Ratio: 100

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