• Paste Type: End Termination
  • Application Method: Dipping
  • Substrate: MLCC
  • Metal: AgPtPd
  • Application: Capacitor - MLCC, chip
  • Description: ET1840 is a Pt/Pd/Ag conductor paste. It is a high density, high reliability material, which exhibits high leach resistance, with lower resistivity values. ET1840 is formulated to provide good conductivity while meeting the requirements of solderability, leach resistance, resistance to silver migration and high initial adhesion.
  • Key features: Excellent solderability and leach resistance#Low resistivity values
  • Process Temperature: 850 °C peak temperature. Dwell time of 8-10 minutes at peak.
  • Film Thickness : 11-15 um
  • Viscosity: 300-400 Kcps Brookfield HBT SC4-14 spindle, 6R utility cup at 10 rpm, 25 °C
  • Conductivity: ≤ 35.0 milliohms/square at 9.5 um fired film thickness
  • Paste Function: Solderable

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