• Paste Type: Polymer Thick Film
  • Application Method: Screen Printing
  • Substrate: PET / Polyimide / PC
  • Metal: None
  • Application: Simple Circuits
  • Description: LTD5610 is a screen printable, thermal cure protective coating for low temperature applications. When properly cured, LTD5610 exhibits good adhesion to most treated flexible plastic substrates such as polyester.
  • Key features: Screen printable#Fast curing#Yields a chemically inert film which will not react with circuit components
  • Viscosity: 60-150 Kcps, Brookfield HBT,DVIII, #14 spindle in utility cup at 10 rpm, 25 °CViscosity measurements may vary depending on the formation of the pastes gel structure
  • Breakdown Voltage : > 500 volts/mil

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